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WiSOrd2 Mobile Self-Ordering & Payment for "In-Seat" service

APPLICATIONS: Stadiums, Arenas, Concert Halls, Movie Theaters, Airports, Resorts, Convention Centers, Restaurants, Hotels/Motels, Office Buildings, High-rise Apartments, etc.

Merchants and business operators can now provide "in-seat" service to their customers by enabling them to use their personal wireless device to order and pay for their desired items and services without the need to have a waiter take their orders or process payments. All thats needed is a runner deliver the orders as they are printed or displayed at the designated processing location.
Patrons with any wireless communication device can now order and pay for food, drinks and souvenirs from their seats and get delivery to their seats, at the lowest cost for system setup, operations or maintenance!

At MobilServ ™ -we call this wireless self ordering system for pickup Wi-S-Ord ™ .
Dial4Snax ™ - Providing premium in-seat service to increase merchants sales and profits while enhancing customer service at the lowest operational cost!
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Dial4Snax ™ system and method of operations is covered by MobilServs US patent numbers: 6,473,739; 6,873,970; 6,920,431; Korean Patent number: 10-0789222; Australian Patent number: 200048047; Patents pending in the EU, Japan and other countries.