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mCoupons Mobile Promotions and Multimedia Customer Interface

APPLICATIONS: Marketers, Promoters, Businesses utilizing MobilServ's systems.

MobilServ's mobile commerce platform is a secure web-based order processing system. Every order received from consumers and processed at the participating venue originates through this gateway.
Merchants and business operators can use this gateway and our flexible web-based promotions systems to reach out to their customers in multimedia. The interactive greetings, text messaging notes and hyperlinks, onscreen messages, printed receipts, the signup/login webpage and post-sale order confirmation emails all provide opportunities for couponing, managing loyalty / retention programs and promotional messaging.
The known location of the ordering mobile consumers and their final destination, enable MobilServ platform to provide third party promoters and marketeers a multimedia customer gateway for location-based, dynamic, useful and actionable push-ads and promotions.
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