MobilServ ™ Value Propositions

Welcome to MobilServ ™ , where Wireless Remote Ordering is revolutionizing the way restaurants, large public venue food operators, and retail merchants operate.

Customers want faster and better service and, operators want to increase revenue without increasing their expenses or additional capital investment. MobilServ ™ offers both in a highly robust, fully integrated End-to-End Mobile Commerce platform that automates business transactions at a whole new level.

MobilServ ™ has the right platform for every situation.

For a hurried office person or a student on their way to a Cafe or a Quick Service Restaurant, the ability to use the cellular phones to order and pay for their desired drink or meal, for a quick pickup at the store is a great value!

For a family going to the ballpark to enjoy the game, the ability to order, pay and receive the desired food, drinks and souvenirs without the need to stand in multiple long lines and then fight the crowed back to the seats and miss part of the game, is a great value!

For the tired business person seating at a hotel with no room service, the ability to select, order and pay for desired food for delivery from the local restaurants, without the need to call and give out his credit card numbers to a total stranger away from home, is a great value!

For a vacationer enjoying the sun at a resorts pool site, the ability to order and get that drink or snack when desired, is a great value!

MobilServ ™ device neutral platform makes these remote ordering and payment by customers own wireless personal communication device possible with seamless, plug-and-play integration with merchants current POS system.

Improve speed, order accuracy and ticket yields

Remote ordering with MobilServ ™ increases efficiency and reduces order errors by allowing customers to input their orders directly. This also allows employees to be moved to production and delivery, while at the same time, reducing the need for training and up-selling incentives.

With MobilServ ™ , merchants will be better able to understand consumer behaviors, offer a coherent brand experience in all locations and improve customer retention, while yielding higher average tickets from consistent, intelligent up-selling based on past orders, targeted promotions, local inventory and other parameters.

MobilServ ™ Platform for multimedia customer interface!

Whether it is through the customer signup screen, initial interactive voice response greeting, the opt-in SMS of the menu link, the various ordering cell phone screens, the paper receipt of each order or through the monthly email of the purchases records, MobilServ ™ platform interfaces with merchant customers through multiple media.

This interface enables for a dynamic dissemination of relevant, useful and actionable promotional information, couponing and loyalty services.

Value Propositions Summary:
  • Enhance Customer Service
          Make the ordering experience fast, accurate and fun and capture more business.
  • Grow Top-line Revenue
          Intelligent up-sell and cross-sell increases frequency and loyalty, combines ordering, payment and customer analytics in one solution.
  • Improve Bottom-line Operational Savings
          Open System, non-disruptive solution leverages existing operations to improve speed and productivity from one store to thousands with centralized management
MobilServ ™ Platform and remote ordering and payment solutions are indispensable tools for any business with Mobile Commerce strategies!