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Web-ordering Preordering and Payment for In-Seat Delivery or Customer Pickup

APPLICATIONS: Hotels/Motels, Stadiums, Arenas, Airports,Restaurants, Convention Centers, Office Buildings, High-rise Apartments, etc.

By installing MobilServ's web enabled proprietary plug-and-play Printer ™ at the processing centers, merchants and business operators can provide their patrons the ability to preorder and pay for their desired items online for self pickup or delivery to their designated seat at a specified time requested by customers
There is no need for expensive infrastructure, local servers or system setup and maintenance. Merchants and business operators can simply setup an account with MobilServ, enter their menus and prices at the designated web tables and then provide the assigned URL to their prospective customers or use it at their website.
This is the most cost effective end-to-end preordering system for any business operation!
NOTE: The preordering solution is an integral part of Dial4Snax ™ and Wi-S-Ord ™ and can be automatically available with setup of either of those systems at your venue.
See PDF Brochure