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APPLICATIONS: Grocery Stores, Home Improvement Centers, Hobby Shops, etc.

MobilServ's Interactive Guided Mobile Shopping solution enables hurried consumers on their way to their local grocery store, for example, to access grocer's list of "meal menus" on their personal wireless device. The "Meal Menu" is a listing of individual meals that is presented based on a pre-selected criterion (e.g., cost, calories, diet, etc.). Upon selection of a particular menu, the needed ingredients are presented and selected for quick pickup of the packaged order at the store. Alternatively, the locations of the items are presented to the consumer for quick self pickup.
Detailed recipe instructions are sent to consumer's personal wireless device via a text message for preparation of the meal.
Automatic System Recommendation for appropriate/favorite wine, appetizer or desert provides for an up sell opportunity with each order.
The list of selected items print on MobilServ's web enabled proprietary plug-and-play Printer at the store for pick and packing.
At MobilServ ™ we call this interactive guided shopping system Wi-Shop ™ .
Wi-Shop ™ - Provides a premium service for hurried shoppers that could use some assistance with suggestions or packing of their needed shopping ingredients!
NOTE: Wi-Shop ™ system is customized for each particular business requirements.
Wi-Shop ™ interactive guided mobile shopping system and method of operations is covered by pending US & International patents.
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