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WiSOrd2 Mobile Self-Ordering & Payment for "No-Wait" pickup

APPLICATIONS: Quick Service Restaurants, Cafe's, C-Stores, Stadiums, Arenas, Concert Halls, Movie Theaters, Airports, Resorts, Convention Centers, etc.

Merchants and business operators can now provide the most cost effective end-to-end self ordering system to their customers by enabling them to use their personal wireless device to order and pay for their desired items and services on their way to the venue without the need to stand in line or spend time ordering and paying at the counter. They simply use their personal wireless device to order, pay and then present the confirmation numbers at the venue to pickup their order.
At MobilServ ™ -we call this wireless self ordering system for pickup Wi-S-Ord ™ .
Wi-S-Ord ™ - Providing no-wait service to increase customer service, retention, thru-put and sales at the lowest cost!
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Wi-S-Ord ™ -system and method of operations is covered by pending US & International patents.